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The Technology Transfer and Innovation Center (CTTi) meets from the University environment the technological needs and services generated by the productive sectors and administration, through the management of Transfer of Technology and Knowledge, the Intellectual and Intellectual Property management, Technology Watch, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Infrastructures Offer (business incubator).
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Automation, Robotics Control SystemsComputer Software TechnologyDatabases, Database Management, Data MiningElectronic Commerce, Electronic PaymentImaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and 58 more
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The present technology belongs to the medical field: by means of potentiometric sensors it is possible to detect the presence of hydrogen peroxide in clinical samples. This fact allows the development of devices for measuring hydrogen peroxide, preferably in a single undiluted whole blood drop out o[…]

Leishmaniasis is an endemic parasitic disease that is found in most parts of the tropics, subtropics and southern Europe. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (CL) is the most common form of Leishmaniasis. It is caused by the protozoan Leishmania parasites, which are transmitted by the bite of infected female ph[…]

Cystic Echinococcosis, also known as hydatid disease (Hydatidosis), is a parasitic disease caused by the tapeworms of genus Echinococcus. Hydatidosis is globally distributed and found in every continent except Antarctica. Endemic areas are parts of Argentina, Peru, East Africa, Central Asia and Chin[…]

How many times have we seen crutches falling to the ground when a disabled person leaves them propped against a wall ? "Contact" are two pieces developed by researchers of the Rovira i Virgili University, that offer the stability and adequate inertia to avoid lateral fall when the crutches are prop[…]

The present invention relates to a device for suppression of Vortex-induced vibrations (known as VIV) in flexible structures or in elastically supported rigid structures. Vortex-induced vibrations are a type of fluid-structure interactions that are consequence of the unsteady periodic forces gener[…]

The solution proposed uses innovative communication protocols for vehicles and cities: this is a safe and reliable easy-to-use access control system that guarantees user privacy. Our solution is simpler and more economical compared to other expensive systems based on indiscriminate use of video-ca[…]

Electronic nose device capable of detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the breath of peopel suffering from Dengue. Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection causing a severe flu-like illness and, sometimes, it causes a potentially lethal complication called severe (haemorrhagic) d[…]

The most popular tools for ad control nowadays are blockers, which remove any form of advertising and thus are against the business model that sustains the Web nowadays. Unlike this radical approach, MyAdChoices is a tool that brings transparency and real control over advertising by allowing users t[…]

Imagine the possibility of reaching millions of Internet users worldwide and gaining access to their browsing profiles, navigation interests and current and past online preferences. Imagine the possibility of doing it while having their consent and fully respecting their privacy. Imagine the myriad […]

The invention relates to a method for obtaining stem cells with immunomodulatory properties derived from adipose tissue. The invention presents relevant applications in order to cure or improve Crohn's disease (EC) and the resulting complications such as perianal fistulas using cellular therapy.[…]

The invention relates to a method for obtaining an enzymatic hydrolysate with dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) inhibitory activity, antihyperglycemic effect and inducer of glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) secretion from animal by-products, particularly chicken feet.[…]

Pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamic (system biology) PBPK/PD model is a powerful mechanistic tool used for designing of trials in different phases, prospective and retrospective analysis for bridging gaps in an experiment, target validation, safety and efficacy analysis and early identification of ris[…]

Redaction or sanitization is required to declassify sensitive textual documents or make them available for secondary use. This task, which is complex, time-consuming and prone to errors, is performed manually by one or several human experts. Our technology automatizes the process by automatically de[…]

Electronic nose device capable of detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the breath of people suffering from gastric cancer. The device allows the early diagnosis of gastric cancer through the analysis of exhaled breath samples. In this sense, this device could avoid the performance […]

The ELECTRE-H Software Package implements two new methods for ranking and ordered classification decision problems considering multiple criteria structured into a hierarchy. The hierarchy of criteria is a tool that allows the decision maker to better organize the problem based on its domain knowledg[…]

We develop electronic power systems with several power sources and loads, which allows the programming of various energy management strategies, based on algorithms and databases obtained by an integrated instrumentation. Therefore, it offers the coordination and optimization of the different power s[…]

This invention describes a self-oscillating electronic ballast with dimming control for fluorescent lamps such as induction electrodeless lights (IEFL). The proposed ballast is able to carry out dimming control and self-start with no need of auxiliary circuits and with a minimum number of external c[…]

A CUDA‐platform‐based parallel implementation of the Rosenbluth molecular generation methods that outperform by a factor of up to 2,000 times an equivalent implementation on single CPU processor. This boost will greatly shorten the simulation time in static Monte Carlo simulation related with Rosenb[…]

The ELECTRE-H Software Package implements two new methods for ranking and ordered classification decision problems considering multiple criteria structured into a hierarchy. The hierarchy of criteria is a tool that allows the decision maker to better organize the problem based on its domain knowledg[…]

We analyze breast cancer in mammographies, ultrasonographies, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and thermographies. Our analysis includes mass/normal breast tissue classification, benign/malignant tumor classification in mammograms and ultrasound images, tumor detection in thermograms, mammogram reg[…]

Potentiometric sensor for the quantitative determination of creatinine in biological fluids and other aqueous media. By a new ionophore incorporated into a polymeric membrane that allows screening creatinine real samples. The use of said ionophore in the polymer membrane solve the selectivity probl[…]

Gallic Acid is a naturally occurring phenolic compound that is widely distributed throughout the plant kingdom. Different studies have demonstrated the strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and anticancer properties of GA, and daily intake may reduce the risk of diseases and bring he[…]

Environmentally friendly preparation of thermosets for applications on thermosensitive substrates. A two-step curing process, which consists in an Aza-Michael addition at room temperature, followed by UV radical polymerization of acrylates or methacrylates amine formulations without the need of a[…]

This new procedure (not described in the bibliography) allows the manufacture of monolayers of metal nanoparticles linked by molecules of organic compounds. As you can see in Specifications, this procedure consists in two successive processes. One of the main advantages of this technology is the min[…]

TA is an innovative and user friendly tool that provide clients three main combined characteristics for the first time: 1) Predicting conflict 2) A very fast diagnosis of teams 3) Accurate results with non-invasive tests […]

The technology allows to detect the temperature remotely using the emission of light by nanoparticles of a luminescent material doped with lanthanide ions (Yb+3, Er+3, Tm+3 and HO+3, among others) deposited on the object to find its temperature. Excitation with infrared radiation of these luminescen[…]

Formulations for the preparation of thermosets by dual curing, at room temperature in two stages, stable over time, from the reaction of amine compounds with 2 or more N-H bonds with a vinyl compounds with a minimum of 2 double α, β- conjugated bonds to carbonyl ester groups and further polymerizati[…]

StackSync is an Open Source Personal Cloud that takes care of your real needs and provides a cloud storage solution with scalability, security and privacy awareness. StackSync fits perfectly in any kind of organization (e.g., Enterprise, SME, Government, Educational) offering adaptable cloud storag[…]

• Use of α-ketoglutarate as a novel biomarker of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). • α-ketoglutarate analysis is a non-invasive quantitative measure of liver steatosis. • This method may reduce the need for liver biopsy, particularly in patients with metabolic risk factor. • The method co[…]

Catalytic Advanced Oxidation technology removes the organic matter at atmospheric pressure and mild reaction temperatures (< 60 ºC) getting clean and reusable water. It is a simple process that uses very mild operating conditions and does not require complex systems. It is a clean technology, and do[…]

The chemical formula of the catalyst designed by the researchers of the Rovira i Virgili University, is the key of the process, therefore is protected and commercialized by APLICAT. Winner of the enviromental award of the Catalan Government. Two semi industrilal plants are constructed and working in[…]

The catalytic technology allows you to remove high concentrations of COD (40.000-200.000ppm) at atmospheric pressure. All kind of organic compunds are removed (biodegradable and non biodegradable ones). The catalyst life is around 2-3 years. It is an exothermic process, so the energy needed for the […]

The optical sensor, size of few millimetres, should be flush mounted in surfaces as the wings and flaps of an airplane, wind turbines, cooling chambers, and other surfaces. The sensor is be able to detect ice appearing in early stages of nucleation with micrometric sensitivity on any surface. The se[…]

The whole method is embedded into an smartphone App. The method considers two options: Computing the total cost independently of the entry point and computing the total cost depending of the entry point. The method allows user authentification into a certification authority. Pre-paid cards can be us[…]

The innovative aspect of the proposed technology is to allow the users to focus on their data objects, not on the specific workflows of the applications: this is known as the document-centered approach, in contrast with the application-centered approach. Other technologies addressed the document-[…]

The use of Information Technologies (IT) in the day-by-day operations is growing dramatically. Nowadays, it is possible to perform a lot of actions at home and there are not temporal restrictions. The electronic tickets are an example, we can buy a transport ticket or a movie ticket. In this sense, […]

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